Biktrix conversion kit on a folding bike

Is this possible on a folding bike? I own this bike:
Link Removed - No Longer Exists

Three things to note about this Tern Verge Duo folding bike:
1) It uses smaller wheels than a normal bike (20 inch)
2) It uses the old-school method of back-pedaling to brake.
3) the bottle-cage screws (to place the battery) is on top of the frame.
If has a 3 piece front crank, kit should fit BB.
2) you won't be able to use that type of brake, the crank free wheels, IE turning the crank backwards does not move the chain.
Should be no problem with battery there. maybe add one more bolt hole to frame.
I am pretty sure it is a three-piece crank (I had to google what a 3-piece crank was before answering!). Yes, I will have to add brakes; fortunately, the bike has center mount bolts for the brakes! I tried to google specs on the bottom bracket to see if it is a proper bottom crank but I don't have much luck -- I am going to call a bike store that has a tern to see if I can find out from them.
if it's a 3 piece crank it "should be" the right diameter, the length of the BB should be 68-73 mm. And it will work.