Bike trailer for folding e-bike with disc brakes (Tern Vektron S10)


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I'm looking for a bike trailer for hauling around some extra kit to go with my Tern Vektron S10 (2019). The motor is frame mounted, but the wheels have disc brakes, and I'm struggling to find what trailers would be compatible with the small wheels and the brakes.

Ideally want something simple like this:

Few of the trailer listings go into detail on how the towing attachment works, and I'm feeling very lost.

Anyone advice or experience from others?

I'm in the UK FYI, but even seeing US trailers would be instructive for finding equivalents here
Couplers for trailers are easy to mount on your Tern which looks like it uses a skewer type of axle. The only issue you may run into is that the coupler may get in the way of the magnets when you fold your bike.