Another All-In-One eWheel but This One Doesn't Spin!


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Truth is stranger than fiction but this Frankenstein eWheel is stranger than most! Where do I start... I'll just say it's not ready for prime time!
It seems like it may have advanced a lot from the earlier prototype and the pre-order price is just $699:
It is heavy at about 20 pounds, but most of the weight does not rotate, and in fact the rotating mass is less than a standard bike wheel's, so it may not really affect handling that much.

Here is a Discovery Channel video:

Top speed is up to 20 mph and it takes 2 minutes to install or uninstall and go back to your standard wheel. It has a flat proof tire which I would guess is the Tannus tire:

It can be built with headlights, storage, bike locks and just about anything else inside the wheel itself.
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