Accessories for your XP

"Lectric XP Underglow Lights Installation for Safe Night Rides and High Visibility"


Brightz GoBrightz LED Bicycle Frame Accessory Light


Orbit Brightz Blue LED Bicycle Spoke Clip Lights, 2 Pack


Those suck...Ive tried em and returned them same night. Not bright at all.

I ended up going for the monkey lights...super bright and awesome. Rechargable, diff colors, turns on automatically.

Tannus Fat Tire Armor is finally back in stock, better get it before its gone again!...just copped a single with inner tube for my rear tire.

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XP Step Thru...mods: class 3 hack, fender, rear rack, decal delete, DNP 11-28t, teflon cables, Avid black barrel adjusters, Vee Spdstr white walls, Rad headlight, Juiced horn, Boomerang alarm (temp location), bracket for rear light an open source 3d print from Thingaverse.

great job. Did your Juiced horn have the alarm feature too?
Yes...loud AF. The Boomerang also has a decent alarm while texting me that someone is meddling with the bike. Just need to figure a more permanent mounting spot. Might drill and pull a pair of M5 rivnuts, just trying to see where that would work best - out of the way, and without looking too weird. Also worth noting, the OEM harness for the Rad Rover light is about 2-3 inches shorter than ideal. When you turn right, the higo 2 pin can pop out. There are 12-15" harness extenders out there for $10-15, but we don't need that much spare cable...thinking about it though...maybe we can hide surplus in the control box.

UPDATE: @P_smilez advised me that there is ample headlight cable packed inside the control box. You do have to tug quite firmly to pull the cable you'll need, but it is there. We now have exactly what we needed with steering slack. No need to order a harness extension. Hope this helps others.
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XP Step Thru...mods: class 3 hack, fender, rear rack, decal delete, DNP 11-28t, teflon cables, Avid black barrel adjusters, Vee Spdstr white walls, Rad headlight, Juiced horn, Boomerang alarm (temp location), bracket for rear light an open source 3d print from Thingaverse.

Another minimalist aesthetic design fan :)....she looks clean!
Another minimalist aesthetic design fan :)....she looks clean!
Thanks @ki11a! I tried zipping through the motorhome decals with a 3M stripe-off wheel disk but discovered it's a much bigger job because they are buried under a clear coat. The heat of the friction was just yellowing the paint. I eventually masked it up and repainted. It isn't perfect, but finally decal free, save for the headset logo. Worth it. The Juiced horn is indispensable, have them on all our bikes now to supplement the pedestrian bell.
Klunker handlebars, Outbound Lighting Road Headlight, Bottle holder/Bluetooth speaker, on the side I have a collapsable folding wire basket for grocery runs, Velo Orange Leather Mudflap, Monkey Light LED spoke light for night rides, Memory foam saddle, LED rear blinking light, LED rear taillight with GPS tracker, Tire-pump on my rack, Motion alarm system/horn, oh and blacked out the bike :)

The XP can handle most hills just fine but if you are constantly climbing hills it will eat your range up on the battery because of how many draining current amps you are using at the time.

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@ki11a What is the brand/model of the bottle holder??? Thanks!!

Bike Alarm for Lectric XP

SuperInk 2 Set Wireless Bike Alarm with Remote, Anti-Theft Bicycle Motorcycle Alarm Wireless Security Vibration Motion Sensor Alarm, IP55 Waterproof Super Loud 113dB Alarm (Install on a Lectric XP bike alarm)​

(Not my video)​



Bike alarm install on Lectric XP
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I would HIGHLY recommend the Juiced Bikes Horn/Alarm. Extremely loud, alarm works perfectly every time and just sensitive enough to only go off when the bike moves, and not with the wind.

Got a new horn/alarm, the Juiced Horn, which is an actual motorcycle horn and is loud enough for the streets. Pretty awesome.

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Oh and got a thumb throttle attachment for more riding comfort.

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Oops I just replied to the the other junk alarm posted. +1 for the juiced! It’s awesome. Side note, I didn’t charge it before storage, didn’t charge it for 3 months while in storage, and have been riding for a week and using it constantly and it’s just as great as day 1. Good quality.
Juiced horn/alarm for alarm does it have a automatic warning mode like when someone moves the bike it beeps and if they move it again it goes off?
Yes, @Dex the Juiced horn/alarm has a bump-sensing accelerometer that will blast up to 2000 times on full charge at 118dBA or until the meddling stops. It's loud. I had a $12 Amazon alarm zipped under the seat, which did something similar, also very loud, but it was less robust and experienced a rapid unscheduled disassembly after hopping a curb, and it was never a vehicle horn as well. Not sure I will bother with it anymore. The Juiced horn with a proper lock is a good lock-up deterrent, short of bringing the bike inside. Standby time, so far, is vastly superior to our Boomerang alarms, which are also doing other things.
Did recently get it and it's great, very loud alarm and horn, now I can get rid of that cheap bicycle bell horn that I brought off of Amazon those things are horrible you can barely hear them don't know what I was thinking when I brought that.

Hey dont feel bad, I think most of us went thru the same process. Getting a cheapo bell/horn/alarm from amazon, a few of them did well as an alarm...but none of them was great at being horn; and we all realized that. Happy I could recommend the Juiced horn/alarm to you guys with success :)
Yep basically ripping off the stuff you have on your bike, thinking about getting that front headlight also. :)

hehehe I don't mind at all, it means I must be doing my upgrades as true upgrades since others want them too

I am still loving the Outbound Lighting Road Edition Headlight....thing is a beast with its great lumen count and cutoff line which doesnt blind other road users + I can see tiny hazards (nails, bleh) at night. The battery life on it is also still holding up and great, an adaptive high setting of almost 4 hours which is more than enough for my rides and back home.

Oh nice looks like its $180 now instead of the $195 I got it for...still a bit high on the price side, but well worth it on the quality and safety side.
We are impressed with the $50 dollar, pleasing "halo-style" 500 lumen Premium LED headlight from RadRover. We had our first fully-dark night ride with it yesterday. No joke, these are as bright as some car headlights at night, without burning retinas. It uses the existing ebike-standard 2 pin red Higo/Bafang connector, and is a direct plug and play with stock Lectric wiring harness. Looks way more expensive and polished than a $50 aftermarket product, and has been rock solid, even off-road. The lens diameter adds a more proportionate "moped" feel that goes with the 4" fat tires. This is the headlight Lectric should be putting on the bike from the factory.
What power draw does this light have compared to the stock light? I wouldn’t want a significant reduction in range.