Lectric XP 3.0 folding e-bike pedals


Hello. Old guy here getting ready to buy one of two e-bike brand selections. The Lectric XP 3.0 folder is one of the choices narrowed down to. I’ve heard that the bike is great for the most part -but the folding pedals are not so great. What are the problems with these, and do most owners of these bikes just go ahead and replace them to begin with. I’m buying (2) bikes for my wife and myself. They will be folded and transported time to time. Does installing regular pegs change any of the folding/ portability of these bikes ? Thanks for your replies. And remember- Santa is paying attention….lol.
The pedals are fine for typical use on most surfaces and riding that 80% of people use the bike for. Some people playing around with bmx style or trying to ride like a mountain bike will find them insufficient but that doesn't sound like you since your second sentence started with "Old guy here".
IMO they're ugly, heavy, and the grip isn't great.

I swapped them out for some quick release pedals which I got on Amazon for like $30 and I"m very happy with them. It's nice to completely remove the pedals when you're folding the bike.

We don't have fat tire folders anymore, but have folding ebikes that we never fold. For transport either inside a SUV or on a rack, it's convenient to have folding pedals, It keeps them from scraping things.

Sure, upgrade to better folding pedals or quick release pedals. I've considered putting folding pedals on my non folding bikes.