29er charger

Nicolescu Vlad

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Hello, and I'm sorry for my bad english.
I saw an Easy Motion 29er on sale here in Romania but the guy who sells it have no charger with it.
In europe I couldn't find delers of easy motion.
Can anyone who owns an easy motion give me a photo of the charger connector (the side with the contacts)? I'll try to make a connector and adapt it to the standard 36v charger that I have.
Thank you in advance.
Thank you but I want a photo of the connector. Trust me I turned the internet upside down and there is not an image like this uploaded yet.
Hello Vlad. I'm from Romania too and looking to buy an Easy Motion bike. There are dealers in Europe, even the company that makes Easy Motion bikes is european. The bikes are made by BH Bikes in Spain: http://www.bhbikes.com/

On this page they have contact info for their distribuitors: http://www.bhbikes.com/web/en/point-of-sale/international-distributors.html

There's even one in Romania, but I could not get in touch with them (they don't answer emails or return calls). I would try to contact someone from Bulgaria or Hungary from that list.
Wasn't sure what was needed or if this would help, but I just took close-up pics of my battery port and adapter connector (both sides).

This came with my 2015 EVO Street (U.S. model).

Click on each image to see full size.

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