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$60 Shipped. Normal price is $110 shipped.
Brand new Luna 36V Advanced Charger. Never Used. Bought by mistake.
  • NOTE: This has an XT60 Connector, For an Adapter to Work with Your Shark or Dolphin Cases Please Go (here)
  • 36V charger (10S)
  • Designed for 18650 and lithium ion battery packs
  • Smart charger keeps your pack safe and maximizes its life span
  • Automatically shuts down when pack is full
  • Voltage display lets you monitor your charge as you charge
  • Charge to 80, 90 or 100 percent with simple 3 position toggle knob
  • Has the ability to double the life of your battery if charged at 80% only (Read about battery longevity)
  • 1-5A variable current output for charging fast or slow
  • High quality fans runs quiet and are reliable
  • Anodized Sea Blue aluminum case
  • 2.5 pounds
  • 7.25 x 3.5 x 2
  • 110v AC input for North America
  • Charges to 42v
  • xt-60 plug (can easily be changed)
  • 36v__67678.jpg
The Luna Charger was made to our specifications from the largest most reputable ebike charger manufacturer in China. Because we ordered in large volume we got a very good price and pass that price onto you. We mean the charger to be a statement of what we want to do which is offer one of a kind products at an affordable price.

We made this charger with a small form factor considering it is a 210 watt charger. We also had our case anodized coral blue and had a led display built onto the face of it. When you plug in the Charger the led displays the maximum voltage it charges to (~42v for 36v). After you plug in your battery it tells you what voltage your battery is at and you can monitor your voltage while charging. We wanted our charger to be quiet so we made ours with high quality and reliable fans. From selling chargers we have realized that cheap fans are the #1 reason for charger failure. This is a 36 volt charger that charges at 7 amps...that means it can charge a 10ah 36 volt battery in one hour and a half.

It has an important feature that it can charge your battery to 80, 90, or 100% with a rotary knob.