2106 Cross Current to New Cross Current X


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My 2016 Cross Current with over 30k miles on it just died. I had upgraded it from the original 13A controller to the 20A CCS controller and added 10sp Deore LX shifting. Couldn’t find a replacement controller so I decided to upgrade to a brand new CCX since I ride every day for exercise. The new bike definitely feels stronger and more sturdy albeit a good ~10 pounds heavier. Comes much better equipped than the original bike which didn’t even include fenders or a rack much less lighting. They raised the bar height a good 2.5-3” which is nice as I had to add a stem riser to the old bike. I added a 17.4aH battery to my original CC but found that I rarely ever used the added range. Plus the narrow body frame never worked great with the added weight of the gen 1 wide body battery installed.


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