2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday Ebike Deals


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Hi guys! Every year, companies have these special Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals... Some companies have approached me with affiliate links and stuff, but I'd like to be neutral and as inclusive as possible. Please share whatever you find (whether you're an individual or company) by commenting on this post, and I'll edit this each day so it's all organized. Black Friday is November 25th and Cyber Monday is November 28th for 2022.


Feel free to link deals and other roundups below, I will check in occasionally to update and organize the list! Happy holiday season :D
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Specialized had its Black Friday in Europe (at least in Poland). You could save some US$1,000 on the following e-bikes:
  • Creo Carbon Comp (only XXL)
  • Creo E5 (only XXL)
  • Vado SL 5.0 EQ (2021, brushed aluminium)
  • Vado 6.0 (a 45 km/h Euro "moped", similar but not identical to the U.S. Class 3)
  • Levo SL Comp
Great deals! Only I did not need any of those e-bikes :)