Need some insight for a first time buyer


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Currently I am in the market for an Bike and stuck between the these two options which I have found on sale at my LBS.

Turbo Vado 3.0 step through $3199CAD ($800 off)
Cube Kathmandu hybrid one e500 2022 model $3699CAD ($1200 off) (trapeze version)

I will be mainly using it on pavement and some packed gravel trails, some small hills. I would prefer a trapeze/ step through style frame. I will be adding a Thule rack seat for my toddler or potentially a Thule chariott so this will add some weight. The motor on the Cube is intriguing but being an older model it does not have the Bosch smart system. Specialized mission control seems to be much more intuitive.

Will I be longing for more power with with the Vado? Are the components on the cube similar or superior to the Vado? I am torn between the two.

My first choice has been the Vado 4.0 but it is sold out locally and I've been told by multiple stores there won't be any available this summer. That being said I am open to other bike suggestions as well

Thanks in advance.
Cube is better spec bike with considerably more powerful motor and wider gear range both of which you will appreciate if carrying or towing heavy load.
The Cube's 85nm CX motor is worth 2 extra gears when climbing compared to Vado 50nm. I prefer the Cube's simpler purion display while others prefer option to play with settings.
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