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Hello all. I am pleased to say that I have my first ebike, after wishing for one over many years now.

This past month I started looking in earnest for a slightly used ebike for my son (who is 15) and to a lesser degree for myself. Craigslist had a decent Ride1up Roadster v2 for sale for $900. The owner had purchased it and decided it was not the right bike for him. He even had the extra battery installed. I was able to talk him down to $800. I had to drive a couple of hours, but it ended up being worth it as I found another Roadster v2 (with the extra battery) for sale for $450 not too far away from where I was driving.

So, after a days driving around I was able to pick up two Roadsters with the add-on battery for $1250. Quite the deal!

I immediately made a few changes to customize the bikes for comfort:
  • Changed the tires to slightly wider Ritchey Alpine tires 700x30
  • Sanded/Painted over all the white logos on the bike
  • Changed the stem and handlebars for a few extra inches of lift
  • Changed the grips to some Brooks grips for extra comfort
  • Added a phone holder. I found one on Amazon that looks exactly like the one they are selling on the ride1up website
  • Changed the seat to one I had from another bike that I like
  • Changed the v1 display to an EggRider v2 display (thanks @grantman102002 !!)
  • Changed the seat post to a shock post for comfort
  • Added a leather tool bag for flat tire changes and basic repair

We live in the foothills, so casual riding is out of the question unless you are a trained athlete. Having the Roadster certainly makes a huge difference. I was slightly worried about not having gears, but I am finding that the Roadster can handle the hills we have here and riding around our neighborhood is now a blast. I am loving the eBike experience.


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WOW! Killer finds! Welcome to this place. What are you going to do with the other bike? I have a Ride1Up 700 series. Really solid bike.
WOW! Killer finds! Welcome to this place. What are you going to do with the other bike? I have a Ride1Up 700 series. Really solid bike.

The other Roadster (silver and it almost new condition) is what my son is riding. His back has the (almost) the same modifications as my bike, but he wanted even wider tires with some tread, so we added 32x700 Ritchey Gravel Tires which fit fine ( the Roadster V2 does not have much space for adding fatter tires)