New stuff on my Turbo Vado 4.0

Got my new Turbo Vado 4.0 SL today. As Stefen warned me, it has considerably less boost than the Turbo Vado.
however it rides and handles much more like a conventional road bike, and I really enjoy riding it more than the Turbo Vado.
its a better choice for me, and YES, I can make it up the short 25% grade to my apartment, albeit in Turbo and my lowest gear, but that was with about 5 kg of battery charger, manuels, and tools in my backpack!
I'm delighted when I take my Vado SL in one hand and just walk down the stairs ready to ride :)
Yes, Vado SL is not as powerful and the "big" Vado but it feels like a regular bicycle. I'm so fond of pedalling it hard and fast!

Not relevant to you, I soon am replacing the original drivetrain of SL 4.0 EQ with Shimano M5100 (11-speed, 11-51T). I have been extremely happy with the original 10-speed 11-42T drivetrain but now will participate in gravel races requiring substantial climbs, and I am not that strong as you are Marquez! :) (Race A requires a limited battery charge, and Race B will be on the pedal power only).
Actually I suspect you are significantly stronger than I! I am a 74 year old retired wonk!
butthe SL give me enough juice to get up the hill and I am happy!
good lick on your gearing changes!
You have to record one of your rides so I could see the average and max leg power of yours :) My legs are simply bad and cannot be much improved!