Which tires come on 2021 Superdelite GX?


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I have a 2021 Superdelite HS Rollof with GX option coming mid April. I see everyone talks about it coming with Rock Razor tires and that seems to match what R&M's photos show. But R&M's spec page shows:

Schwalbe Super Moto-X 62-584 Reflex;
Schwalbe Johnny Watts 60-584*

I'm guessing the Johnny Watts is the GX option's tires from that, but since the GX's tires in the photos are clearly not Johnny Watts, I'm a bit unsure.

Does anyone know what tires are actually shipping on these models?

I'm hoping it is the Johnny Watts, as they look like they would be smoother riding on road, but still have enough knobs on the sides.
Our 2021 SD came with Rock Razors like the 2020, yet our 2021 Charger3 GX came with Johnny Watts. Doesn't seem to be consistent.
Having used both tires, which one do you prefer? Also what type of riding do you do with them?
I can speak only for the Rock Razors. An excellent hybrid tyre designed for road and light trail use. They grip well in gravel making them stable rather than playful, and have ok roll resistance for pavement.

For pavement only there are better tyres, and for mostly trail, likewise there are better tyres. For even use, I’d think you’d struggle to find a better tyre in real world conditions.
If you can get the Rock Razors's do so as they have a custom version of them from Schwalbe made with the TravelStar compound.