New Schwalbe Ebike Tire for 2022


Schwalbe has just listed a new model ebike tire for 2022
It has good ratings for protection (6/7), rolling resistance (4/6), road grip (5/6), off-road grip (5/6), durability (5/6).
It has a moderate tread and comes three sizes:
27.5 x 2.35
27.5 x 2.60
29 x 2.35
It looks like a middle ground between the popular Super Moto-X and the Johnny Watts.
looks good for our tandem. we dont go off road a lot but we could use more grip. of course I just bought new tires.
If I keep my Fathom and rig it out for Pathways and roads, these will replace my Johnny Watts when it's time. Looks like a good hard surface tire.
27.5x2.35 and 27.5x2.6 look to be made to order for those with e-bikes looking for flat protection, good ride and low rolling resistance. Both tires can be run down into the mid 20 psi pressures. No more bone jarring high pressure tires required for our e-bikes!

Good job Schwalbe! Now we'll see if they can keep them available....
Alee Denham has a blog on his world touring adventures (50,000+km) and highly recommends this tire for its excellent wear characteristics and puncture resistance.
This tire will definitely be on my top three list when it's time to replace my commuter bike's tires.
I'd run it on back with JW on front for light offroad in dry. Should still be able to handle odd muddy section.
I rund them front and back in 2.35 x 27.5.
They run rather small. I measured 57 to 58 mm instead of 60 which those were supposed to have according to schwalbe.

COmpared to the Johnny Watts, which I ran before, they are way more silent and do have substancially lower rolling resistance.
Grip wise they are better on pavement (due to less knobs and more contact area to the road), haven't fully tested them off road yet.

Unfortunately they are quite hard, even if you inflate them at relatively low pressure. The Johnny Watts instead were suspending very very good.

I am curious how the Al rounder will work off road since they don't have any knobs but according to Schwalbe rating they are rated 5 out of 6 for off road grip which is only half a point less than the Johnny Watts knob tires.
It's really hard to believe how a tyre without knobs can have such a high off road grip rating but let's see how it will go.
It looks like a long-lifed tread.

I’ve yet to find a wire-bead tire that I felt had a ‘compliant’ ride- at least compared to a folding tire.

Think I might try those Johnny Watts sometime.