We need to stop blaming victims in bike theft!

Never a dull moment on EBR, I will plan a ride to BK for the impossible whopper and make sure to lock my bike against a handicap sign.
What did Bruce Lee say when he went to BK? Woppaaa!!!!
I have been holding off on stating the obvious. There are predators in the sea, on the savanna, back in the Jurassic, in the Bronx and in places such as pool halls. They know how to spot a mark, to smell one, it is what they do. Some con-artists know how to work a room or even an angry mob. At that level it is much more than larceny. Some kleptos are addicted to it. My job is to not behave like a mark.
A guy went to a bar and started ordering shots. The b-tender asked him 'What are you celebrating?' My first BJ! I just can't get the taste out.
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Spotted at supermarket today:


I know we're not blaming victims now. But pretty please, can't we blame this one just a teensy bit? Just this once?

At least the lock's doing it's job. From the throughly rusted gears and axle ends, looks like the wheel's been there for a long time.
So I just had my beautiful e-bike stolen. It was my vehicle to get to work, it was my play toy to ride at the HydroCut here in Kitchener, it was my way to let off steam. I was so sad when I saw the guy grab it then spin it around and bike away while I chased them down the street But for some reason people want to ask "was it locked up?" WTF does it matter if it was locked up? I just lost my bike. Why is it so easy to just blame the victim. That's like asking a sexual assault victim "were you dressed provocatively" you should know better... It makes me so mad that we have become a society of people that just love to post blame in situations instead of supporting each other. I posted the bike on Reddit as soon as it happened hoping to get more eyes on it as my bike is pretty unique. It is Reddit so take it for what it is. but the responses I get were 90% people trying to help and supportive people and the other 10 were like "I'd steal it too", "I bet you didn't lock it up" I know better then to expect more from that place but still. Not everyone is like this I know but if you are that person, seriously screw you!! Stop victim blaming. No one asked for your judgement. Hell a guy on Reddit bike store guy decided to tell me that I got taken for paying what I did for my bike and they robbed me and never trust this company as they are just Alibaba resellers (Which they are not). Like who does this?

When stuff like this happens let's support each other and be mad at the problem not the victims.

Sorry rant over and I still miss my bike...
I agree 100% screw the bastards that go" now,now Man up". Thats like getting a traffic violation for someone else's screwup (BTDT). You have my sympathy nothing worse than a stinking" Theif. Seems at least 90% of the people I know seem to be capable of thievery of one type or the other.This is a sick society where others laugh at your misfortune.( Like Gillette said "screw em"- thats not the whole quote)
No, "fear mongering" was your other thread that you devoted much time on, ripping others here who are comfortable with the Class 1 through 3 set up; armed with the knowledge of the major battles many, many folks had to fight politically with local land managers, local, county, states laws pertaining to ebikes as well as the same issues in Canada to get the laws changed so that people can ride their ebikes legally. That was that thread. This is this thread. The one where you take umbrage to anyone here asking why you did not at least, lock your bike.

Obviously, the only people you need to educate......is yourself. You make it seem like ebike theft did not begin in this world until it just happened to you. Actually, there are enough threads and posts here about locks and securing your bike; what works, what doesn't. Too bad for you that you did not bother to check them out, to learn a thing or two. You say the lock is too heavy carrying it on your 60 pound bike? So many excuses, so many. So, for the lack of carrying a heavy, 4 pound lock with you on your Burger King stops, you are now free of riding a heavy, 60 plus pound ebike.

That's not victim blaming. It's just calling a spade, a spade. It is, what it is. And yes, while I have great sympathy for people having their rides stolen out from under them, that sympathy gets blunted when you learn they did not protect their costly investment & then in turn, they go off on people here for having the temerity of asking "did you lock your bike up?"...........

Let me not be a hypocrite here with you. I did the same thing you've done. Many times. And in each instance, my eyes were on my bike every second. While I got lucky; you did not. But I bought that Abus Bordo for runs where I KNEW I was stopping at a convenience store. Or pizza shop. And still, my eyes never left the bike as I know a Dewalt battery powered cutting tool can cut that lock in about 10 seconds. So, your stops have to be in and out, no dawdling, everything to go. Situational awareness. Look it up. No lock is infallible. All strangers have to be looked at as suspect when they are hanging around your bike, looking it over. Until proven otherwise.

I wish you luck with your new ride. I wish you a new perspective on situational awareness when riding and parking it. And a wish for you in stopping this blame game you like to play here.
Man thats like blaming the victim of a shooting for not wearing a bulletproof vest.
For the next time around... you can add a disk brake lock that will stop anyone from riding off. They can toss the bike into the back of a truck or try carrying it off with a friend, but the little things fit in your pocket and go on/come off in a flash. I use this when, for instance, I am standing in line at the bakery and the bike is literally standing in the street parking 5 feet behind me. Should give me just enough time to ... enact countermeasures. Fits in a panmts pocket or a handlebar bag.

I like the Kryptonite version with the reminder cable that goes on your handgrip. They call it the Keeper.

"Tire Billy" on skull or across small wrist bones would work as well( don't use a "sap", )