We need to stop blaming victims in bike theft!

I dont get it
with 11% percent of the worlds surface area you would think that there would be enough for everybody( not when the oligarchs run things) that poor guy who took the laptop thought he was getting a treasure, cost Him his life, there is plenty of blame to go around over there,the average person on both sides is just trying to survive"Ares" will not have peace-it finally hit me like a ton of bricks-there is a "god of war" sometimes he seems to work for peace( no, look at the big picture)
guess what, the Canadians seem to pity us for our stupidity and greed,[ as it is written"no longer will I punish the children for the sins of the fathers" each man will pay for his own sin] awful paraphrase I know its time to help the disadvantaged not throw them into "gladiator school", some states are probably better than others(VA doesn't get it)
So I just had my beautiful e-bike stolen. It was my vehicle to get to work, it was my play toy to ride at the HydroCut here in Kitchener, it was my way to let off steam. I was so sad when I saw the guy grab it then spin it around and bike away while I chased them down the street But for some reason people want to ask "was it locked up?" WTF does it matter if it was locked up? I just lost my bike. Why is it so easy to just blame the victim. That's like asking a sexual assault victim "were you dressed provocatively" you should know better... It makes me so mad that we have become a society of people that just love to post blame in situations instead of supporting each other. I posted the bike on Reddit as soon as it happened hoping to get more eyes on it as my bike is pretty unique. It is Reddit so take it for what it is. but the responses I get were 90% people trying to help and supportive people and the other 10 were like "I'd steal it too", "I bet you didn't lock it up" I know better then to expect more from that place but still. Not everyone is like this I know but if you are that person, seriously screw you!! Stop victim blaming. No one asked for your judgement. Hell a guy on Reddit bike store guy decided to tell me that I got taken for paying what I did for my bike and they robbed me and never trust this company as they are just Alibaba resellers (Which they are not). Like who does this?

When stuff like this happens let's support each other and be mad at the problem not the victims.

Sorry rant over and I still miss my bike...
Sorry to hear that happened to you. These bikes are too expensive to lose like that. In the west, it's a huge problem. Right up there with car theft. Part of the problem is car and bike thieves don't spend time in jail anymore. They get a ticket. The guys that stole my car never did one day in jail but it cost me a few grand for towing and damages. I learned, and added multiple locks and alarm. My bike has an alarm. Got it on Amazon. Has a small remote. When set, if someone touches the bike, they get a few loud burst warnings.If touched again the alarm goes off full blast. Real loud until I use the remote to turn it off. Works great when stopping to use the head. Good luck on finding you're bike.