Virtue Cycles Gondoliere+ Cargo Bike Review

Ann M.

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Can't tell for sure from the video, sorta looks like Court's riding over fancy bent grass (like golf course stuff) with this super cargo bike with the cool retro wooden cargo bin. Like the built in seat belts for hauling little people; however, a swappable mesh front for kids to see out of would be a nice option to have. That way you don't have squirming youngsters trying to stand up to see the scenery! Other wise, totally practical for hauling stuff and doing errands. Very reasonable pricepoint for this design; looking forward to seeing it with a bigger motor. Less huffing and puffing up the hills (with precious cargo in tow! :)) The Virtue Cycles Gondoliere+ Plus is a bucket style cargo bike with electric assist to help move supplies or children, includes two seatbelts and a little bench, more sporty handling than their three-wheel School Bus model but less stable. Extra wide custom kickstand provides great stability for loading, upright seating position and short reach to bars makes it easy to see down into the bucket while riding. Simple battery design is easy to get to and the pack is removable to charge separately or store inside, the rack it mounts to uses standard tubing and works with panniers or a trunk bag. Beautiful paint-matched fenders and chain guard, only available in one color and size, uses a basic roller brake in the rear wheel that isn't as powerful as I'd like considering the weight of the bike.
Yea it would be nice to have mesh or viewing windows for the littles when they are ridding around in there! I do like the retro feel of the bike. The butchers and bicycles mk1 and mk1-e built to tilt cargo bikes have a huge front viewing window.