Vibe e3+ New Battery and wiring


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I bought an izip Vibe e3+ 48v bike without a battery or charger. Instead of buying a replacement BL07 battery and charger for $600, I am thinking about getting a different higher AH battery and battery dock. Has anyone done this? Any suggestions? My major concern is the current cable going into the battery dock has the typical red and black power but it also has two smaller wires that I am not sure how to hook up to a new battery/dock that has just the two larger red and black connections. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I have an e3 dash and e3 peak 2015... batteries died and replaced with generic hailong batteries (~$250 on ebay)... only could connect up the red and black wires... the smaller wires are for battery state info I think since I don't get readout of battery state on the main display (the batteries themselves have a 4 bar led state display which you have to manually press to see state of charge)... working out super well so far more range and power... but just have to live without battery indicator on display... i hope that helps.
Hi - Would either of you have pictures of how you re-wired to accept the new battery? I have a 2016 vibe and I’m trying to replace the original battery with a different one.