iZip E3 Dash (2015) Wheel Speed / Motor Issues


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I was given a 2015 iZip E3 Dash that is having some issues with the wheel speed sensing and possibly the motor. This is a Currie / Tranzx hub motor system, 48V, 500W. The battery is fine and all of the diagnostics look good in terms of cadence sensing, throttle/motor command, brake lever values. The controller is fully functional. The connections to the controller and to the motor look ok and have been cleaned and reseated.

The issue I'm experiencing is that it doesn't start to detect or display wheel speed until about 10-15 mph. Below this speed, the throttle doesn't do anything. If I get it into a speed range where it is showing a speed and give it throttle while pedaling, I can sometimes hear it give a momentary burst of motor torque. The motor sound lasts from a fraction of a second to a couple of seconds and then cuts out. I can only get it to run the motor once every few attempts of twisting the throttle while pedaling.

There was a short period when I couldn't get it to show the motor speed and it would throw an E5 (motor speed sensor error) when applying throttle. That seemed to resolve itself when I unplugged and plugged back in the cable harness on the chainstay. Because of this, I have focused on that connection and made sure it looks good, is firmly seated, and cleaned with electrical contact cleaner. There isn't any visible tearing of the hub motor wire, but the bundle does have a slight kink in the middle that could indicate it was damaged.

I suspect that the issue is probably related to the hall effect sensors or wiring and I'm wondering if there is anything else I can test.
Does anyone know the pinout of the hall effect sensors? It's a 10-pin harness (2 large, 8 small).
Would bad speed sensor readings prevent it from running the motor or is it likely there are also motor issues?

I welcome any suggestions I can try.