Vado 6 Battery install


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Just picked up a new Vado 6; removed the battery to charge it, but having difficulty reinstalling the battery. I get a connection to run the bike, lights controller, etc, but the compartment remains unlocked....I can easily remove the battery by simply limiting on the water bottle cage. I have tried a few times to reseat the battery and press downwards to engage the lock but no success yet...
I had this issue. It should snap in. On the top of the battery there is a small plate with a set screw. You can use that to raise and lower the plate (which is supposed to be a catch plate for the battery lock mechanism). I raised mine about 1mm. Works fine now!
Thank you!...I could get at the screw with a 10mm torx bit but it didn’t seem to move the plate one way or the other. I’m pretty sure that your idea of raising the plate an mm would make the whole thing work better. What did I miss? and thank you again...
andersonimes, I think I might be looking at the wrong place. There is a recessed screw at the top of the battery which holds down a silver "plate". Did you mean the top of the battery compartment, it looks as though there is a set screw on the lower left side of the plate at the top of the compartment; perhaps that raises or lowers the plate?
The one I adjusted was on the battery. Apologies I'm not sure how to describe the procedure (I don't recall exactly what I did) but I was able to raise it. You might need to take it to your LBS to have them do the adjustment.
I just got a Vado 3, took out the battery for mounting on a car rack, and when I got home, it wouldn't snap in. Called the LBS next day who said to give it a sharp slap above the power button. The first slap popped the top up half an inch, the second slap locked it in. I may not remove it again:)
I have removed the battery twice on my Vado 4 ( because I had to carry the bike up the stairs) and both times I found it difficult to instal it again.
Vado is Latin and translates to rush or hurry in English. It think it describes how this bike was produced and put to market.
If I follow the instruction in the user manual and lower bottom of the battery into the cavity etc. according to picture 8 I get the impression from picture 9 that I should press on the upper side near the power button. That does not work on my bike, I have to press on the left side near the top to get the click.
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