Use 48 volt battery on 36 volt latch?


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Do any of the pedego gurus know if we can use a 48V Pedego battery on the 36V latch if they are matching?

The bikes both have The rear rack batteries
Yes that bike, not really interested in changing controllers, I just thought we could put a 48 V battery on there as long as it was polarity matched and the style matched

And I’m 90% sure I have run that Espin 48 V Nesta bike with the bafang hub motors on my 52 V EMV batteries….

It did not blow up the controller LOL, the bike seems to be working fine and think I’ve done it a couple of times, for some reason I thought 48 and 52 V were interchangeable

And guess I thought The bbs02 and hd would run on 36,48 or 52

Thanks for clarifying this for me, let me know if you think that’s a problem running the Espin with the 52 V batteries because one of the reasons I was going to buy a second one of those was so I would have four matching batteries….

I was just about to see if I could flip the rear shock over on the wattwagon with ultra so that the Espin 48 V would fit on there…
I can’t do that with a ultra motor?
Oh that makes sense, I would really like to be able to run those Espin batteries on the wattwagon and vice versa

But if I cannot get the Espin battery to fit its all null and void anyway
Luna sells "hot rod" 48V battery for FLX (36V bike).

They do make a disclaimer that they're not responsible for damaged controller.

Jeebus. And now the rest of the story...

Note: this has been discontinued

See our new Section of FLX upgrade parts HERE

Note: for 2017 model only (gen 1), and 48v 2018 model. Will not work with 36v 2018 model

I don't think 48V and 52V are interchangeable on BBS02 or BBSHD controller.
What?48 and 52 volt setting are firmware and “fixable”.

52V controller will NOT try to shut off 48V.

there are motor size and winding differences. Typically 36v are BBS01’s.
01 and 02 are not a BBSHD fit. 01 and 02 have A and B versions.

a significant number of BBSxx series users are turning to Phaserunner/Baserunner/ASI external controllers making multiple voltages possible. I’m dont know why anyone would dumb the HD down to 36V. I’ve never heard if any firmware writer hacker looking to do a HD 36V. Although I would have liked it. Allowing me to use ALL 3 batteries like I can and do on one kit and will do the same on my Day6 Joy. Now a dual motor so I cand sort best settings for Day6.
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No, running 52V battery on 48V is generally not a problem.
Bafang Bafanged us and 52V controllers threw a 07 over voltage errors. Sending resellers into a tail spin. Since I was still doing support and Wonstar could have a hissy fit so we enlisted an ES moderator and released it anonymously. Even the arguable biggest importer of all things BBSxx suffered. Like when they introduced the “B” version without notification. “You’ve been Bafanged.”