“Passing Gas” Go electric!


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Good morning. I’m kilowatt1 from Tampa Florida and new to the community. I have built 3 diy e-bikes over the past 10 years starting with a direct drive rear hub using sealed lead acid batteries for a 36 volt system. It would get me to work and back but that was about it. Second bike was a geared rear hub on a mountain bike frame 700c. This is where I bought my first lithium and pushed the 36v system on 48v. I never turned back! 3rd bike was a 48v 750 watt bafang mid drive on a 700c hybrid. Recently I sold all my bike parts wanting to ride and not build. I purchased a Speedrid 26” fat tire bike 48v 500watt motor peak 750watt on Amazon. I’m going to upgrade it and have a lot of questions. That’s it for now. Dave
keep on messing with it,i find it to be quite fascinating,never realized how bad i hated the stench of petrochemicals till i went mostly electric.