Tubed vs Tubeless - what are you doing on your R&M?

For what it may be worth, I switched from Schwalbe G-Ones w/tubes w/Slime to Panaracer GravelKings tubeless and Orange sealant. 4 flats with the G-Ones w/in 3k miles. 0 flats in 7k miles on Gravelkings — but I have replaced the rear tire 2x — I like to slide my rear tire to impress my wife. (She says it doesn’t work.)

I carry an electric pump and a patch kit neither of which I have ever used for flats on the trail. I do use the pump to re-inflate the tires occasionally. I liked the G-Ones but love the GravelKings. And I ride 1/2 year in AZ with occasional prickly stuff on the trails.
I have tubeless gravel kings on my gravel bike and mostly good, although my rear had some weird structural defect where it started bulging and leaking in lots of places -
Replaced it but hard to find GK’s at the time so got a Specialized equivalent