Tires recommandations for R&M Roadster Touring HS


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I'm the owner of a R&M Roadster Touring HS (speed bike) and I'm looking for tires recommandations. The stock tires are Schwalbe G-One Allround (700x40c) with reflective side. Great tires but I needed to change them after just one year. My bike shop changed them for Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus. Durable but very very stiff. The G-One Allround that I can find in store don't have the reflective side and are only marked for 25km/h. I saw on the Schwalbe website the G-One Overland 365 (marked E-50). Does someone here have an experience with this model of tire ? Do you have another tires recommandations for me ?

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what size of tire? marathons ride is so harsh. but there are always compromises for more speed and comfort over durability and flat protection.
@Gaylween: Does the country where you live require the respective strip? If yes, you cannot lose with Schwalbe G-One Overland 365. These are gravel tyres, are supple (an important feature!), and good for all year round (my brother has only positive experiences with exactly these tyres only 45-622). Another important fact is the Tubeless Ready (folding) tyres -- that can be used together with the inner tube, too) -- are very easy to take off and pull onto the rim. Only... These tyres have a black reflective strip (not white). Is it allowed where you ride?

I used Marathon Plus in the past and never liked them.
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Thanks @Stefan Mikes ! In my country the reflective strip is required. If the tires don’t have it, we need to put some orange reflective stuff on the wheel. Black reflective strip will be totally ok 👌🏻!