Hypotheticals - would you replace your R&M with another R&M??

So I was riding my SuperCharger2 home in the rain tonight and drivers were crazy - narrowly avoided a few near crashes.

It got me thinking, if my R&M was stolen / destroyed in an accident or for some other reason no longer available to me, would I replace it?

So a couple of questions to spark some discussion:

  1. Would you replace your R&M with another R&M?
  2. If so, would you get the same model or a different model R&M?
  3. If not, what sort of bike / eBike would you replace it with?

I’ve got my own ideas but will see how the thread kicks off first!


Certainly yes but with another model. Maybe the Charger4 GT Rolhoff HS with the PowerMore. I tried a 2017 Stromer ST2 and it was a beast despite his weak condition (cracking bottom bracket, strange handlebar orientation, strange font fork behavior during braking). The Stromer I need for my daily commute is the ST3 Pinion (I live in a very hilly area and the classic transmission for the ST3 will not be enough) but the price is so high ! I just want an e-bike with a belt right now.
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It is so good R&M makes High Speed e-bikes, and you live in the country that makes no fuss about S-Pedelecs :)
Yes. It’s great that Switzerland had a good law for high speed e-bikes. That means this type of transportation is a real alternative to cars. We can use bike lanes but we need to cut the motor off on those who are forbidden for mopeds.
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