Trying to find a first Ebike. Help a newbie out.

I mean ok, I don't think i'm looking at anything that can easily do that type of damage while going at a legal pace.
Cool conversation about insurance, going to need to look into that.
I don't think the Priority Current fits all my criteria but it's def worth looking at, i'll check it out and see how it stacks with the other e-bikes I have my eyes on.
My renters insurance is covering the theft of my Evelo Aurora Ltd. with all the installed accessories for which I can produce a receipt (Selle Anatomica Saddle, Kinekt seatpost, Hammerhead Karoo cycle computer, etc. all of them on-line purchases with saved receipts). They pay full replacement value with a $500 deductible, no depreciation...fully covered as personal property without any added clauses or extra premium. I verified the coverage with my agent when I bought my first ebike. She told me no need to buy added insurance. Grange Insurance Co.
Was the bike stolen from home or outside?
If you're willing to consider going in a different direction, I can tell you that although I've ridden many bikes back when I was younger, we are having a blast on our two Lectric XP 2.0 step-thrus. 20" fat tires, 500Whr battery, 1hp (48v x 18a) hub drive, and an astonishing value--just $1K. Young company with many thousands of unit sales and supported by an enthusiastic gang at the HQ in Phoenix. Similar to Rad in many ways but in my view better. We don't use PAS at all, just the twist throttle. Just like the fire-breathing turbo Honda motorcycle I drove decades ago, but on a much-milder scale.

I know that there are many different kinds of folks on this website. If you are really into cycling (spandex, riding in-lane on roads, very high speed cruising) then you would probably gravitate to mid-drive ebikes, which can be real stump-pullers but with accelerated chain/cassette issues and lots of shifting. Me? Been there, done that, I just hugely enjoy tooling around on the Lectric, enjoying the trails, going to the local market (up a significant hill, but no sweat), just cruising the neighborhoods within 10 miles radius of my home port. Nothing "exotic" about the folding Lectric ebikes, but they are very well-built and with lots of standard features, including Cruise Control! Only "defect" I found from opening the shipping box was bone-dry brake cables, which was an easy fix.

As others have mentioned, if you're going to buy via Internet, you should be handy with bike repairs and maintenance. If not, go to the local bike shop and get something from them and have them keep the bike in good shape.