Travel Cover

Just joined, did quick search on covers, nothing found. 2 Pedego's on Kuat rack, mounted on Buick, pulled behind motorhome. I need to find a good weather resistant cover(s) that might last longer than one cross country trip. I tried a cheapo from Amazon, but it unmanufactured itself in short order. A dealer suggested I look at motorcycle covers, or I was even thinking about getting one made at a marine sailmaker out of the sailboat canvas. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!
So, to answer my own question, I ended up with a barbecue grill cover from a big box store for $30. It fits my setup like a custom cover, and has lasted cross country with no problems. The cover is the 68" reversible. Recommended.
I bought a bikeparka bike cover that seems to be made quite well, material is similar to a decent nylon tent fabric. Only used it a couple of times but it ticks away small and keeps the rain out.

I seem to rip my barbeque covers without fail, hope the one you got to use with the bikes serves your purpose well!