Chain guard / cover for Domane+ ALR


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Hi there!

Was wondering anyone ever tried to put on chain guard or cover on Domane+?

The reason is my pants get stained pretty often by the chain (those dark oil hard to get rid of), plus there was once my chain was off the crank, not a pleasant experience mingle with those chain by my hands..

I'm open to anything from just a plate shape cover, or ones that extend more backward near the rear wheel:

Picture in this thread.
Or these extending backward on Amazon.

Anyone have any success installing one of these on the Domane+?

I did some research and seems the first thing people usually suggest for stain prevention is to pull up their pants, or using a strip. I'm really hoping for a more permanent solution like a chain guard above, plus it could help prevent the chain dropping. But if it is really hard to find a chain cover for Domane+, I'm open any other product as well.


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