Tongsheng TSDZ2B 480V 500watt vs 750watt- perceived difference in power/assist?


Tongsheng TSDZ2B 48V 500Watt vs 750 watt- is there a perceived difference in the power/assist levels between the two?

I've read (generally), higher watts provides more torque, power, faster acceleration and can sustain a higher rate of speed for longer before burning the motor out.

Does that correlate with the TSDZ2B 48V 500 vs 750 watt too? - having the same guts but different programming? Are the amps in the controller different between the 500 and 750 watts to support the higher watts?

I've read the 500 watt can be flashed to make it a stock 750watt or run OSF but voids the warranty and is way above my skill level at this present time.

For a ebike conversion of a Tern Short Haul, 20" wheels, 8 speed 11-34T, 52T front chain ring, bike 35 lbs, rider 113 lbs, 48v 7ah bottle battery, for car free/lite living, mix of flats/hills riding w/cars (no bike infrastructure).