Swapping display on Fat Trike


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Boiling Spring Lakes, NC
I figured out that the standard B&W display is a King-Meter Nokee. I haven't been able to determine anything beyond that in terms of compatibility for swapping it for a more useful model. EBT offers a color display with their kits, but they must have a big stock of the B&W ones to still use them on a new bike and list them as discontinued for the kits.

Is it CANBUS, UART, or a proprietary data connection to the controller? Can a Bafang style display drop right in?

One of my reasons for wanting a swap is the lack of a USB port to power my headlight. The other is that the screen layout looks just plain ugly to me and lacks a voltage display.
I’d like to know, too! The display is the only thing I’m a little disappointed about with my new Fat Trike.
I asked EBT, @MDinger, about the display, and thIs is what they said. So there’s our answer!
Thanks, Duchess. That would explain why they are still using s a display that feels outdated when compared to what everyone else is using. Post here if you get an update as to the availability and I'll do the same.