ST2 Not communicating with the network


My ST2 hasn't communicated with the network in over 9 days. Yes, I'm riding it for more than just a few minutes. The computer never shows that is has a cellular connection. I experienced this problem back in November and December for a few days each time and was told that the service provider was at fault. Anyone else from the San Diego area having communication issues with their ST2? Anyone know of a fix for this?
it has been about a month for me. I have heard that it is individual bikes (accounts) and software on their end. I am being patient but i do want it fixed!

1800 819 4262 Chan or Joel..nicest people
I emailed Joel about mine not connecting to GSM today, another guy emailed me back and sent out a replacement OMNI. Should get it next week. Other than that the bike runs great.
My Omni was replaced due to a weak lcd, all good , month later controller was replaced ( bike never ran better ) a day or 2 later didn't connect well but did connected occasionally acting like the antenna was knocked off I thought. Month later (3 days ago) 1st ride since fixing battery lever ( my fault, Stromer was great)I rode 101 miles on the trail out Richmond, Va, did not connect once. The day before I went I was told the above, not a problem with my bike but with Stromer. Now it this is different....
My OMNI should arrive on the 18th. Will update when replaced. BTW the first week of December it wouldn't connect so I emailed Joel then, and it was "GSM network maintenance" which is why I waited so long to contact them this time. I always have signal bars just not the little "G".

The recommended test was to hard reset the bike a few times by releasing the battery while the bike is on. This did not solve the "G" problem.

Overall, I am very satisfied with Stromer's responsiveness. Within a few hours with detailed instructions. I am 3 hrs from a dealer, and they have allowed/enabled me to diagnose and repair both issues that I have had. The other issue was a random motor cutout issue solved by retorqueing the rear wheel to 20nm or 177inlb.
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Having the same issue here in Chicago. Mine hasn't connected to the network since around January 5th. Sent an email to Joel on Thursday, but haven't heard back yet.
I spoke to Chan today , still having network issues, not a problem with the bike. I am being patient
I got a response from my local dealer who got this from Stromer (USA ?):

"As we speculate this is caused by the major network providers discontinuing their 2G platform, we are awaiting official notification from Switzerland on any corrective action to be handled by us, if any action is necessary at all. We apologize for the inconvenience, but until then, please let your customers know that we are aware of the issue and that we are doing our best to resolve it."
You are not alone...

My cellular link has been sporadic to nil for the past month and half. I found the following on a Santa Cruz County planning which was addressing their 2G highway callboxes.

"As part of AT&T’s strategy to address growing customer demand for mobile services, AT&T announced plans to phase out their current 2G network by year end 2016."

Let's hope Stromer does the right thing for their loyal customers. Imagine what would happen if you were in lock mode and accidentally triggered the theft mode. without a 2G connection you are in for some very tough pedaling or pushing.
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Update, a bike next to mine gets coverage and mine doesn't, I will be calling back when they open. I didnt know this at last phone call
So...this is getting interesting. My ST2 is in my garage (rainy day here) and it still has not communicated with the network. I get a text message an hour ago saying my PIN has been changed. I didn't ask for a PIN change. Now according to the Stromer OMNI app on my tablet, it says my bike is about 10 miles away and communicated with the network just 48 minutes ago. Nope, it is in my garage. I wrote to Stromer support, awaiting to hear back.

Speculations as to what is going on? I think the location is where the local Stromer distributor is. Did they purposefully or accidentally hi jack my ST2's ID?
Sounds like they are sending you a new OMNI. I received the same notification when they sent my replacement. I just installed mine last night and it corrected my comms issue.
I received an email from Chan they would follow up Monday. I have no doubt they will take care of this, they have gone above and beyond for me in the past and this effects not just me. I n my case I will take a side bet it is the Omni but I have been wrong before (once!) My bike runs great as is, I consider this an inconvenience, I want it fixed but doesn't effect any riding plans :)
Sounds like they are sending you a new OMNI. I received the same notification when they sent my replacement. I just installed mine last night and it corrected my comms issue.

EriderM...seems like I am in the same boat (sending me a replacement Omni for my lack of communication). I am wondering if you might have any tips on replacing it as a DIY project? Did you run into anything that might be good to know in advance? Thank you!
I had my chain replaced, started skipping in top gear, I had the cassette replaced yesterday and my new Omni is on the way