Specialized teases details of Globe Bikes sub-brand Cargo eBike

Curious which hub drive they went with ; Hyena ?
We'll soon find out .

I think the Specialized plastic "bins" will be irremovable and impossible to replace with anything else. It is Ye Good Ole Specialized anyway :D
Those Specialized bins attach via KlickFix mounting system .
Don't know if others will work .

North St. Bags says , Electric Cargo Bikes Welcome All panniers now available with wider hooks to accommodate custom racks.
Image 9-23-22 at 9.35 PM.jpeg
Looks like it should fit a grocery sack going by the dimensions. I have these Bushwacker carriers. Cheap and and to reinforce them with some angle aluminum, but they work. Just because it says USA doesn't mean they are made here, they are made in china.

QFT $80 for a plastic garbage can? Sheesh...
Rude of me. I should have said ive had to many plastic products fail from UV and freezing temperatures.
Wald folding baskets or any number of brand-name panniers are likely better choices. IMO
I'll spend on quality but won't make donations to "experimental" plastic products.


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Specialized has gone WOKE with their eCargo bike marketing .

https://www.instagram.com/globe.bikes/?utm_source=klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=US | Globe | Why + Manifesto - Globe List | 22-09-28&_kx=b4myI_RSQxTxyJkT2CHguKZb6Y0erNxw4ePtk5J_FotCYr8Zp5SdXysiFUSXQO6p.NHdUx9

“And you know what, Pete Buttigieg can take his electric vehicles and his bicycles, and he and his husband can stay out of our girls’ bathrooms.” Marjorie Taylor "I'm Not Green"
Wouldn’t it be cool if this was a bike site and not politics
Obviously your a new member .
Lighten up .
And yes , it would be cool if cycling wasn’t politicized .
By Specialized , Marjorie Taylor Mean , or anybody .