The Most Fun I’ve Had on a Bike This Year: The Specialized Globe Haul ST

This was my cargo bike back in 2014 pre e.
Flatbed bike.jpeg

I went all over on it and one time I even towed a culvert up my friends dirt driveway with it. Was completely hand built with a 49cc 4cycle motor with a 5:1 gear box and a 3x8 IGH/Cassette rear hub that gave it high enough gears to get right along. Fun times. Cost me $800.....
It's really neat how the seat extends backwards to increase the reach with higher ride height.

There's probably no way that a suspension stem could be added to this due to the quill stem setup? Seems like it would extend the reach quite far.
Also looks like they retroactively increased the load limit for the back of the ST.

"All rear racks have been updated to 132 lbs (60kg) max weight capacity - even those labeled ‘40kg’. So get Haulin’."
Here are a couple of Specialized Globe bikes that I have recently made electric. The Globe was Specialized's take on urban Dutch bikes. I wanted them to be light weight and elemental, that is without superfluous stuff, retaining clean lines and not clunky, lithe. For example, power can only be accessed through the pedals, just like a regular bike. The rear hubs have internal gears and the motors pull chain through the shiftable gears so they are excellent climbers.


That red Globe is 14-years-old. It was a rusted mess with oxidized pink paint that was chipped, pitted and scraped. The gears and brakes did not work. It took rebuilding the hub and all bearings. The exposed aluminum looked horrid. Now its imbedded carbon footprint gets pushed out another fourteen years. Sane people would toss it and start fresh, not me. I saw its potential. It has a Microshift trigger shifter for the internal gears. I had to mix paints to get the fenders restored on the green one. Then did the same avocado treatment on the ring guard.