SPECIALIZED SL battery short circuit - any ideas?


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Hello everyone, I have a problem regarding the 13s2p battery for the SPECIALIZED VADO SL (SBC-B15) bicycle. I accidentally shorted the battery pins. I checked the cells, the voltages of each one are OK, the entire package is 53V, but the TCU does not see the batteries (the e-bike cannot be turned on, the diodes do not light up). Can anyone advise what to check, whether the BMS is blocked, what diagnostic steps to take? Indicates a link to the battery specifications: https://support.specialized.com/turbo/en/turbo-super-light-system-sl/sl-batteries
I'm attaching some photos of MoBo.



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A BMS should be able to shut off on a short circuit for protection, and then reset itself when the short is removed, especially one with all that circuitry. Have you tried plugging in a charger to see if it wakes up?

I have no idea what Specialized does, but some proprietary batteries will shut themselves if the BMS is disconnected.
Thanks @harryS for the tips, as for charging, I tried this, without success, the charger is still green (fully charged).
Do you know any other methods of waking up the BMS apart from using the authorized SPECIALIZED service, which suggested purchasing a new battery without diagnosis o_O ?
Connector SL, it is very delicate and an unexpected short circuit can happen to anyone, if the BMS blocked the battery, and I assume that it is a protection or / and SPECIALIZED policy, it should be possible to unblock or repair it at the SPECIALIZED service, and not an offer to buy a new one battery.

It is how the world works nowadays. Say, an important assembly in your car engine broke. A mechanic could regenerate the unit for small money. However, go to a brand's authorized dealer; they would just replace the entire assembly, the most expensive way.

No-one responsible would take the task of repairing your battery/BMS and putting you at the risk of fire. Like it or not.
@Stefan Mikes it's not hard to agree with you, but this policy is not going in the right direction.
The cells in the battery are OK, can't we assume that for half the price of the battery, buy the original BMS, replace it and the issue would be solved.
What will happen to a battery that is blocked......will it be disposed of properly, will it pollute the environment, or will it end up on the secondary market anyway and be repaired by an electronics specialist.
After all, when you get a flat tire on your bike, you don't replace the entire wheel: tire, inner tube, rim, you just replace what's broken.
You will say that it is electronics and is responsible for safety, OK, but no one is going to do it in the garage, only by an authorized service.
We are a cog in this machine and we have no influence on this state of affairs (but why does SPECIALIZED have batteries with communication and it is secured :mad: ).
Well, maybe someone independently encountered a similar problem and found a solution.