1. C

    SPECIALIZED SL battery short circuit - any ideas?

    Hello everyone, I have a problem regarding the 13s2p battery for the SPECIALIZED VADO SL (SBC-B15) bicycle. I accidentally shorted the battery pins. I checked the cells, the voltages of each one are OK, the entire package is 53V, but the TCU does not see the batteries (the e-bike cannot be...
  2. loamoaf

    Daly BMS: what am I doing wrong?

    I've got a handful of 14s Daly BMS's - model R16J-GF12. I got them set up for the most part and through the range of my electronic load's max power draw I have the discharge current showing up relatively accurately - though calibrating working current doesn't really do anything to the CADC Gain...
  3. M

    DALY BMS - Beware when buying!!! - 13S 48V 40A - See Images

    Hi all, bought a DALY BMS 13S, 48V, 40A, in May 2022. This is supposed to be shock proof and waterprooof. Installed it carefully on top of my pack, secure with velco and Kapton tape on all terminals. The Silverfish case it's sealed with low module neutral cure black silicone. All the details...
  4. ingolf915

    60V 20ah Logic board need to be find!

    Hi Guys! :) Trying to find the BMS / Logic board on the picture. Any ide? Or any other good ide for a BMS that fits with my battery. Big thanks :D
  5. A

    Learning more about DIY ebike builders and ebike owners

    Hey Guys, As of now I am part of a team of students that wants to make the e-bike experience better. In order to get a better feel of the market, I am trying to conduct some zoom customer interviews in order to guage whether our target market would be responsive to a product we are trying to...
  6. Ravi Kempaiah

    Battery Management System - A to Z

    As the name indicates, BMS is a monitoring system that ensures safe operation of the battery. There are different kinds with different functionality. Essentially, it is a programmed circuit board that ensures the voltage, current draw, temperature are all within the specified safe range. [...
  7. B

    C7 Display on Metro+

    Hi, While there is a youtube video on how to change the C7 display from mph to kph, it doesn't explain what all the words and numbers mean on the display. I mean, I know what PAS is but it has some icons and no explanation of what they mean. Is there an online manual for this? It has 'trip...
  8. F

    continuous battery amp output

    Hi, I have a question about continous amps output. For example, some batteries output about 5amps continous and with 6 in parallel it makes sense it has a 30A continous BMS. What if the batteries had 20A continous with 6 in parallel. This would be 120A continous. Could I use a 30A BMS or MUST...
  9. Kaldeem

    Sparks from battery cradle

    Hey gang, I was adjusting my battery cradle today and when I touched the hex key to the screw the prongs on the battery sparked... is this just discharge from the electricity stored in the cradle? Can this injure my cradle or controller?