Shoutout to Bosch


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I have to give a compliment to Bosch USA. Most people post to complain, but I had a great experience with them today.

I couldn't get my new iPhone 15 Pro to connect to my Nyon display via the app. This on a Riese and Müller Delite. So I called Bosch on the phone, and:

1). I got a person on the phone. Amazing! But he couldn't sort it out, so he escalated it, and;
2). Another human got on the phone. Wow. He walked me through a full factory reset of the Nyon and got the problem resolved.

All on a Friday afternoon.

I celebrated with a nice 12-mile ride through the Hollywood Hills lol.

But yeah, the Bosch team really worked to get the problem solved, and they solved it. So I gotta give them their propers.


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As a note - what possibly caused the problem was not removing the lock, and then removing the bike from my old phone. The data come over to the new one, but having the lock associated with the old hardware (iphone 12) probably caused an issue connecting with the new hardware (iphone 15).