Bosch SmartphoneGrip wireless charger on Tero


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just wanted to share this in case anyone is interested.

I looked for a good wireless charger for a phone that does not need a special case but could not find anything good. I prefer to use my cases, sometimes also I don't have one on the phone. Also most cases are not compatible with iphone magsafe chargers.
Then I saw the Bosch SmartphoneGrip one which seemed perfect. The only problem with that one was that is uses bosch proprietary cables. Good thing is that it uses 5V so it could theoratically connected to the USB port of the Specialiezed MasterMind (all fancy names...). So I ordered the bosch and started checking it out. It takes 5V without problems. So after some playing I was able to connect it.

I needed a USB C cable with 5V out, Bosch cable connected to it, and had to jump two pins on the wireless charger.
It works good so far. It does not charge much, at least it keeps the phone from loosing power. I assume the out on Specialized TCU is not that powerful. Next I'll probably connect it to the motor when I install the light, I'll just use a Y cable to connect o the same port on the motor. I think motor outputs 12v so will need to put a converter also to 5V in there.

I also moved the MasterMind to the stem to make it look nicer.
Hope this helps someone. I can post detailed instructions if someone wants also to do it. You would need some basic knowledge of electronics, a multimeter and a soldering iron for jumping the pins.