Selling my 2020 RadCity :( Critique my for-sale ad!


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I'm pretty sad. By the time I got comfy riding this bike, I have to let it go.

Selling a Rad Power bike is a little more complicated than I thought, though!

For Sale: Black 2020 Rad Power RadCity Step-Thru Electric Commuter Bike Version 3 with upgrades!

$1500 cash only. Local pickup only. No delivery available. Please no checks or app cash transfers. Price is not negotiable.

You will need to bring a valid California Driver's License, a recent utility bill with your corresponding name/address to verify your identity and a smart phone so I can officially transfer ownership at the time of purchase.

An online transfer of ownership with Rad Power Bikes and Abus (the high-security lock) will be done on-site when the transaction is complete. Please be sure that you understand that the original Rad Power warranty is not transferable, but ownership must be transferred in order to have access to Rad Power-specific replacement parts (to prevent chop-shop type theft.)

“If you choose to privately sell or buy one of our ebikes, it's important to update us with the new owner's information when the bike is sold so the transfer of ownership can be noted.

A transfer of ownership will allow a new owner to get replacement parts and support from Rad Power Bikes. Without the transfer of ownership, the new owner cannot purchase replacement parts under any circumstances. This is one way we discourage theft of our customers' ebikes.”

And...Please, God...No r/Choosingbeggers!

This is a fully assembled turnkey purchase from the original owner...Registered with both the manufacturer and miles on the odometer...Including the lightly used original battery (with keys and charger, obviously)...But also including SO many lovely (and necessary IMHO) upgrades.

Butt Upgrade v.1: “Sunlite Cloud-9, Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle, Cruiser Gel Sofa, Black.”

Rad Power’s Stock “Velo Plush” seat is generally considered awful for a good reason, and the recommendations for the almost embarrassingly wide, comfy Sunlite Cloud-9 seat were also for a good reason. It’s lovely.

Butt Upgrade v.2: “Suntour SP12 NCX MTB Road Suspension Travel Seatpost”

Highly recommended in the Rad Power forums in combination with the Cloud-9, and my ass agrees.

Safety Upgrade: “Left and Right MEACHOW Bicycle Mirrors, ME-006(2019-2020.)”

If you ride any bicycle on the street…E-bike or not...You NEED rear view mirrors. End of discussion.

Utility Upgrade: One (1) Rad Power Bike branded water-resistant Fremont Pannier Bag.

Chock full of wonderful free prizes like the horrible original seat and seatpost! Brandish them at your next cocktail party and be the envy of all of your friends!

Security Upgrade v.1: Abus Granit X-Plus 540 U Lock w/ 2 original keys

Top-rated, hardened U-Lock most recommended in bike forums...An online transfer of ownership with Abus will be done on-site when the transaction is complete.

Again...This is a non-negotiable, fully assembled, fully charged, ready-to-ride turnkey purchase. I suspect it will take 20-30 minutes to do the on-line ownership transfer on-site...And then the entire shebang will all be legally yours!

Hey man, I usually get paid for critiquing adverts (NO r/choosingbeggars freebies, as in NONE, ZERO, ZILCH!)
Has Rad changed their rules about transfer of ownership? What u are asking using seem onerous and intrusive. Buyer beware, but the onus is on u as the seller.

I bought my 2019 Rover used, it was six months old I had the seller provide a copy of his original confirmation emailed invoice from Rad. He wrote on the invoice that he sold it to me and the date of the transaction ,we both signed it. I emailed this to Rad with the serial number and a pic confirming the number.

They transferred it.
Granted I'm not a Rad buyer so my patience/desire would not be the same, but a bit heavy handed to lecture a buyer to buy your upgrades (saddle, pannier, mirrors) specifically preachy re the mirrors, and what if the buyer has their own U-lock? They have to buy yours too? Fine with the seatpost extension integral part of the bike and whatever you consider....if so why mention them as if they're extras. Maybe the clearer approach is describe the the bike as is, and here's the price.

Of course it's on your terms and let the market decide, but you may be limiting interested buyers. I'd say shorten the ad a bit, maybe say you'll go over the extra details when meeting.
Geez, I feel like I'm going to buy a used clunker car with bad credit when I read that ad! That aside, upgrades for you may not matter for others. Don't bother listing them as upgrades, just include the stock parts in a box if you still have them. I also never buy a used lock. Just me I guess.
If the City is still on backorder you should find a buyer very quickly. The non warranty issue would cause a discount though and not quite the way a boomer would word the ad....
You will need to bring a valid California Driver's License, a recent utility bill with your corresponding name/address to verify your identity and a smart phone so I can officially transfer ownership at the time of purchase
Kidding, right?
Biggeek, I’m curious. It’s been about a month, did you sell the bike?

Had to read it twice, especially the part that requires drivers license and utility bill. Huge red flags went off in my head. As a female, I would NEVER show my license or any documents to a stranger. And it’s for a used bike!

Was not aware that Rad Bikes requires registration just to buy bike parts. Guess I’ll stick to my local bike shops.