2022 RadExpand 5 - 7mo old - NYC (but I can transport to burbs - and VT). $1000


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Selling my RadExpand 5 that I bought on July 19th 2022 - but started using in September 2022.
I LOVE this bike, but It is too big for me (4'11" and 100lbs) to maneuver it around in NYC;
I often have to go through a lot of doors and my height/weight combination is not ideal for this bike.

- I think I biked less than 300mi on it (I use it for a R/T commute of 7mi about twice a week since September).
- the battery might have been charged less than 10 times (because of the short commute);
- Always followed the b.o.o.b. requirement for this battery, and the balancing was done once a month, per instructions.
- Always been kept inside, I rode it in the rain once. We didn't have snow yet this year, so no salt on it at all. I park it inside in my office and in apartment.
- basically no even a cosmetic issue. it's like new.
- I can transfer the ownership to you on radpower website so that you are officially recognized as the new owner.

- I paid $1740 (see picture).
- Asking for $1000 (with some room for negotiation! so contact me) Venmo or Cash or Zelle only. No checks.
- This would allow you to buy a new battery and have essentially a new bike.
- Let me know if you want more pictures!

It's basically a new bike. I would keep it if it weren't just too heavy for me. I am in fact planning to upgrade to a smaller ebike.


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