Self Setup or LBS Setup


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I'm not the most handy of guys, but I put on a front wheel and handle bars.

However I was wondering if any of you thought it was worth it to have my LBS do a tune up on it out of the box to ensure everything is tight, true, and ready to go?

Edit: Just bought the crosscurrent if that helps at all
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Just to assemble the bike as you receive it in the shipping box is pretty easy to do. There are many videos on YouTube you can reference. There is nothing unique about an e-bike when it comes to basic assembly.

I would recommend riding a few hundred before having the bike tuned up by a shop. The shift cable housings will stretch and may require readjustment. I would also get the wheel tension adjusted at the same time. It the bike shifts or brakes poorly right out of the box I would obviously take it to a shop. Minor adjustments like that will be a lot cheaper than paying for them to do the full assembly.