Reverse trike


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Greetings most excellent Theopolis,
During my reverse trike journey there are some rather interesting things occuring I found these neat "cable over hydraulic" calipers( Ali Express flavor) am convinced of the utility, however they are only fitted to left side mount, on the reverse trike there is going to be one right side mount( bike facing forward) how can this be overcome? by turning the brake disc over? I can sort of understand( not really) the issue, any thoughts?Started putting the front suspension( if you can call it that) together the biggest problem I have is the bolts being almost for the holes, takes some whittling and reaming, everything is logical until I put one the spindles on the wrong way,I suppose I will have to pull the axles out of the "Aussie' wheels and reassmeble with stock bearings if that will work, definitely going to put the two disc brake setup on the front( the back has a cantilever brake setup) With the 750 watt hub motor I wanted to put a 20 ah battery on the silverfish setup,the guy I got the donor bike from ha already let the 20 ah battery go for some reason, what I plan to do is mount a large plastic toolbox on the rack and put the new controller there with the 10 ah battery paralleled with the 12 ah Seatpost battery which should provide plenty of power for the horsepower motor, this is going to get intersting.
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