Experience of one year of M-350-P7 and M-340


One year experience of Addmotor's M-350-P7 and M-340 etrikes. For the past year I have alternately used them 2 miles most every day, for 1 year. Based on the posts about poor service from China and delays in shipping parts I bought the second etrike to use for spare parts. I really like the trikes however, as much as I'd like to establish Addmotor as the go-to brand here on the Big Isle of Hawaii, I don't recommend buying an Addmotor etrike unless it's from an Addmotor dealer near you.

The bikes just aren't ready for prime time. The number of communication problems with service from China reveals that they just don't have a quality control system in place. It's not that it's happened a few times the problems are the same over a period of a year. The Service Manager in charge of handling problems with Westerners needs much more training. E.g. "Run your replies through me before emailing them." Their definition of "Service" is different than ours. I.e. Dozens of back-and-forth posts about problems with their controllers. The same with them often mailing back parts that don't work.

It appears that whomever designed the M-340 (ostensibly a later model than the M-350 P7) did so without checking to see that most parts are interchangeable. What's so is the seat mount post diameters are different, the battery holder and its connectors is different and the charge port is on different sides of the batt. The buttons for turning on one batt are not designed for elders with arthritic fingers, and not easy to see in daylight. The handle bars don't stay aligned with the front tire, no matter of tight I turn the Allen wrench. For me the "chrome" pieces on the shocks rusted within a month on both trikes. I'd like to see a key system that's like a car without having to turn it back and forth.

I'd like to read assurances that the frame welds have been redesigned and that the controllers have been redesigned to have the same reliability (mean time between failure) stats as do car parts. I believe we'd pay more upfront for quality tires. E.g. When one buys a Cadillac they don't have to upgrade the tires so as to feel safe and comfortable.