Screw help....


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1 lost screw and one loose screw. Today while riding my Radcity, one of the screws holding the rear fender to the frame loosened and fell out. The fender brace then hit the hell of an alarming sound.

I went to the hardware store but couldn't find the proper screw. RAD tech support couldn't help as the "screw tech" was out for the day. He said that they didn't have a parts list showing screw sizes.

Can anyone help me with the screw size? Otherwise,I will have to wait until next wk arrives, with the return of the RAD SCREW TECH.
When you install a replacement , put drop of blue loctite on the threads and it should keep it from falling out. I had the same issue with my kickstand . So far the loctite is keeping the screw tight on mine.
I have the Radrover, but probably be the same. They are size M5 (+ likely 15mm long), and are available in Homedepot. Water bottle cage screws are usually M5 so maybe use those as temps.

Btw, grab some lock washers, plus the previously suggested Loctite.
That means it's a metric, 5 mm allen head screw; hexagonal head. Take the loose screw to a decent sized hardware store and you should be able to find a few more. A length of 15mm sounds pretty good but use the loose screw as a template; too long and you have problems- too short you have problems! A bolt that doesn't hold :eek: I totally agree with using a drop or 2 of purple or blue loktite (or any similar thread locker) which can be removed. Don't use red loktite; that's one step away from super glue, too strong to use on a bolt you're probably going to need to remove at some time in the future.
Good advice. We did 6 builds last night on new bikes and one of the bikes was missing front fender bolts. We simply took a set off an off demo unit. Pretty standard size. Fairly easy to replace. One of our guys will grab a bunch at the local hardware store.
Most ace hardware stores have substantial nut and bolt selections. Trying Different head sizes and styles will allow you find the best fit for that loop.
You can blame the screw for loosening itself this time, but next time you'll have to share responsibility for not checking bolts for tightness once in awhile. Prolly won't be a next time though, I'll bet that did make some racket bouncing off spokes. A supercharged version of the playing card clothespinned to intentionally makes some noise!