Replaced my controller and wow what difference.


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The 2.0 is my first ebike. I didn't know better and I judged the performance as average, I was at 1,900 miles when things went weird. First was my odometer where I lost the thousand digit placement, what once said 1,900 now read just 900. Over the next month I got the good old 010 error message, it was also infrequently showing 070 and one time 030. I did a factory reset and things seemed OK, still no thousand marker.

I called Lectric, mentioned my problem and free of charge they quickly sent me a new controller. Awesome, but I waited for a couple weeks to install it, kind of fearful of pulling out the old controller with 10 connections and installing the new one and getting the wires connected wrong.

So a few days ago, "fortunately" at home, it just died. Wouldn't start or show anything electric, so I thought "time to install the new controller". Lol

I had the fear of really messing up the proper connections, say I wanted to connect two sets of black/white to black/white. Lectric made 2 different design plugs so I couldn't get it wrong. Smart design.

I think the hardest part was getting all the connectors inside so I could screw on the cover, without pulling a plug apart, it took 45 minutes, and it was 100° in my house, 115° outside, no air, miserable work. But then I finally got the cover on and I finished. And my doubting mind feared it wouldn't work. But it did, everything worked.

And not lonely did it work, it worked the best since I got it.
Most noticeable was more power that sounded smoother and more powerful. I also noticed my power usage was way down, maybe doubling my milage. Before I could not make a 20 mile ride. Now, I haven't tried it, but I have a feeling I've able to do.

All that from changing the controller, amazing. And the folks at customer service were totally 100% helpful. They offered me the new controller free of charge regardless the warranty was long expired.

That really has me thinking about Lectric as a young growing company. Good happy employees are probably the most important part of this business and the biz is doing great. I have my eyes on the new upgrade model.

If this was car that broke down I'd still be out of transportation, I no longer have a car, the bike is it.

It feels like the future.