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I have changed my JWs to the Marathon Plus MTBs.

So far, so good. Tyre noise on roads is minimal (can’t hear anything above the engine noise) and grip on loose stuff is very good.

Appearance wise, very similar to the JWs and very pleased with them.
I accidentally bought the non tubeless version of the Schwalbe Marathon Almotion and it worked one rim well the ride was great. but with a tube in it its nothing fantastic. so I bought the tubeless version rides like a whole different tire it rides like a marathon plus. trying a Teravail Rampart Light & Supple Tire feels better then any tire we had on the tandem that was actually tubeless.
I have the 27.5 x 2.8 original JWs. They've been great, but it looks like that size isn't offered in the newer version. I really want that extra width.
I did find one source for the originals, but at $100 a pop I'm hoping for something better priced. I won't need new tires until next summer is my guess, but having the new versions not support the 2.8 width is concerning to me.
Suggestions, including alternatives, welcome.
Zoom in and you will see expiration date on the tire.

I looked at 3 of our tires and couldn't find anything that looks like a date. This marking appears to be in the same location as your date:

All 3 tires have the same marking.

Anyway, since the new JWs aren't made in the size I want, I'm going to order these since while the ones we have will be fine for this season, I doubt they'll make it through next season.
March 2019?
It makes sense. I had a look at my Schwalbe winter tyres and it read "Made in Indonesia 1907". In my opinion, bicycle tyres have a long shelf life, and they get worn by riding before the rubber becomes very old itself.
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