Repair Fazua 250 battery?


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My new Fazua 250X battery that I ordered from Crow bicycles would not take a charge and was therefore destined for the landfill, so I decided to open it up see what is inside. Surprise! It has a hard plastic case that has to be cut off. The battery was not designed to be repaired. I’m still cautiously cutting with my Dremel electric disc tool so as of to start a fire, and when inside I’m not sure what I’m looking for. Anyway, the message is that “when your 250X battery no longer works as advertised, junk it”.
I have a Fazua evation 250 battery, the generation before the 250X. In my opinion they are strictly the same, except that mine can be opened up : the waterproof cover is screwed. I join a photo so, if you want to use a dremel to cut the plastic you know what's inside.
There are 3 times 8 samsung 18650 cells, probably of 3000 mAh capacity.
I made a video, look here:


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