Rehook tool for dropped chains

Jeremy McCreary

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Carlsbad, CA
Anyone have experience with this tool for dropped chains?

Dropped several chains in June, but none since installing a narrow-wide chainring. Fingers crossed.


After the umpteenth complaint about chain grease in my new gloves, my thoughtful wife ordered one for me. Looks worth carrying but no desire to find out for myself.

Any experience out there?
Looks like a good idea.
Last year was the last time I dropped my chain, and it was good and stuck between the frame and front chainring.
This would have come in handy instead of fighting with a screwdriver in the freezing cold...
When the bikes had chains, used to have one of these and works well, keeping your fingers clean.

I also used to carry disposable gloves that you get from the garage when filling up with Diesel, which also helped.