Rechargeable bike light suggestion


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I am thinking to buy a bike light, i happened to see a review video on Youtube
, this guy recommended a lamp only costs $19! can't believe that, but according to his video, looks like the bike light is fine, it's from a Amazon shop , have you ever tired this kind of cheap gear? or do you have better recommendation? thanks.
You get what you pay for, @Nature666! This is only a 300 lumen bike light which will let people know you're there but does nothing to help you, the rider, with potholes, road humps or animals in the dark. I purchased a similar kit out of curiosity to see how well built it was -- customers are always griping about prices saying how cheap they can get stuff online; however, what I saw was a very thin plastic body on the light and it was missing half of the mounting base. If you dropped it, it broke.

With that in mind; offering an 18 month warranty is impressive and this unit does look a little better constructed. The tail light is pretty tiny, so don't recommend that for real safety; it's better as a daytime rear running light.