Looking for suggestions for a decent but affordable front light powered by the battery


I have a Synapse néo 2 powered by a Bosch active line motor, i wanted a front light powered by the battery. So i bought a bosch cable (a few euros) and a cranck puller. Then i removed one pedal, the engine cover and managed to perform the routing.

Then I connected this cheap 70 lux light from a general internet on-line shop.

It works fine and the display control the light as expected.

But i would like something a bit brighter, may be with 3-4 led.

My multimeter read 14.5 volts of voltage.

Note that i don't want to spend 200 bucks for a Lupine or B&Muller light.

This 70 lux rated light i got is almost ok but I don't know if this mesure is accurate, on top lux and lumens have different definitions.

But something brighter would be welcome, something similar to my Olight RN 800 (but powered from the ebike battery) would be perfect.

So any suggestion is welcome.

My Olight cost 40-60 euros but it contains a battery and a charger, so i'm looking for some light costing less then 60-80 euros.
these all work with bosch.
Thanks price and quality are fine, but to ship in europe i get 60 extra dollars. wish i was in North America.
I will get a look at Fenix, for the chinese lamp I found this (took a while since it is a mess, most are with their own battery , many use 48v + voltage.
I will order this one : https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/1005....0.0.4a6d378dC4V6bK&mp=1&gatewayAdapt=glo2fra
And if it is not correct it will go on a secondary bike and I will get a german one :
that one is 150 lux and will for sure be ok, any 150 is the upper limit for a city bike.
or may be this one, but i cannot find any review :
Apparently it is from Cube and they probably designed it for the bike they build.