Advice for a front light powered by the battery (Bosch active line plus)


Hi there i would like to add a resident light on my Synapse Néo 2 by cannondale, it use a Bosch active line plus system. I did it on my haibike Sduro which used a Yamaha system some years ago.

If you want to skip my post here the two main questions :
- What is the output of the light output power on the bosch active line plus (voltage, max amperage)
- what front light would you advice, Lupine posted a video about that but their gear is way too expensive, i just need something basic in cas i forget my Olight RN 800.

It seems that i need to remove the cranks and then the motor cover, and next do some cable routing.

See as example this vidéo :

So i need

- the tool(s) to remove the cranck (and quality ones since low quality can actually destroy the crank gear).
- a light cable, it is just a pair of electric wires with decent water/dust protection + the bosch plug.
- A decent front LED light with the right voltage and amperage.

Note that on my Haibike it was simpler since the motor cover could be removed without unmouting the cranks.

The video i linked above is about a Lupine llight, a very high end light. But i just need something basic. I have an Olight RN 800 which i can plug on my garmin mount, but i want a light i cannot forget and that can be always on. And i don't need a light that fit the German regulation, of course it is better if it does not blind drivers in front, but i won't go for a super bright light (the one people use use to moutain bike during the night).

Additionnaly I may want to split the cable and to route the other side to either my seat post or a rear carrier. But that may be later since i have a rear light with an acceleration sensor that act as a brake light, and it last almost forever.
So suggestion for a rear light powered by the battery are welcome too.
I have had a couple of these they work well. but they don't come with a plug and your going to need that. but also they power or the lights plug may not be set and you would need to go to the Bosch dealer to do that. often you have to drop the motor depending on the bike.